I'M HERE TO HELP YOU CELEBRATE every season of your life


I'M treneka, believer, PHOTOGRAPHER,  AND FRIEND

hey, you!

Growing up with parents who loved the creative arts was a blessing. I have countless memories of my dad reciting Act 5 scene 5 of Macbeth, his choice for an audition piece, and watching him act out stories in the local theater. I remember my mom, hands black with charcoal, drawing the lines in a persons smile on paper, capturing their story in their smiles and the light in their eyes. I remembered the excitement of going to the library and flipping through pages of stories getting caught up in them, completely captivated!

I also remember attempting to write stories, to draw them on paper, and trying to act them out on stage. None of it seemed to fit me. 
It wasn't until I picked up a camera that I found it. I found my way to tell stories, capturing them in a photograph! 

It started with me just taking photos of the kids I took care of, documenting our adventures and their laughter. I had not thought of making it a career then. But, my parents started to see something I had not seen, joy. 

One February, it was not a holiday or any significant date, a package came in the mail from my dad. It was a DSLR camera, I freaked out!! I called my dad, and asked "what in the world dad? what is this for". He tells me " Neka (that's my nickname) I just...I just see the joy in your face when you take photos, and  I think we should see where that takes you". 

Enter ugly cry face. 

But, why joy? What was it that made me so excited when taking photos? It, was the people, their stories and the seasons they were in. 
I am a christian and I believe in Jesus Christ. The bible says that "For The Joy that was set before Him, Christ died for the ungodly", this blows my mind. That we are His joy! So once I became a follower of Christ, I found a greater joy in life. 

No matter what circumstantially is going on there is always something to give thanks for, the breath in my lungs, the shoes on my feet, the sisters I get to laugh with. It's these things and more that are reasons to slow down, give thanks and celebrate, photography is part of how I get to do that with others! 
I want to carve out time with you to slow down, give thanks, and celebrate the season you are in!